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Hey Proud to be an Indian.

Hi day before yesterday, it was 59th Independance Day. We seen the as usual 15th august parade & just enjoyed another holiday. But we r forgetting the meaning of the day. On this day, i remembered what our President said in 'Ignited Minds'. His mission of transforming India into a developed country. Youth like us need to think abt it seriously. We can do this simply by performing our duties like not paying bribes, oppose the curruption, just switching the electric equipments, by keeping our environment clean, etc. By making people aware abt their fundamental duties & rights.

Everyone need to do his share of work in transforming India into a developed. Lets make a commitment to ourself that we'll do these small things & help our country.

In this way only, we'll find true meaning of these days like 15th August, 26 Janauary, etc.

Ok bye for now, i m coming back soon...