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Green Cleaning: Its impacts on Health & Environment

Green cleaning refers to the use of cleaning methods and products that are environmental friendly in nature as it contains ingredients and products that are designed to preserve and create no harm to the human health and environment quality.
These green cleaning products and techniques avoid the use of materials which contain toxic or harsh chemicals some of which emit volatile organic compounds which cause respiratory, dermatological and other dreaded conditions. Products are environmental friendly and biodegradable.

Little that we verify, what it is in that container of Your favorite Cleaning Product?

Experts say that most of the cleaning products are made up of enormous amount of chemicals which can impact the health of users. As people are being more aware of the impacts and zooming in the market, people begin rethinking what they will be bringing into their homes.

Famous water pollutant is phosphates, water-softening mineral additives that were once widely used in laundry deterge…