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Exams are Boaring, Are U agree...................

Hey frens,

Exams are drawing near, sleepless nights, restless days & many more symptoms can be seen of examfobia. When we talk abt exams people start reacting in abnormal ways. Why people fear from the exams. The reasons may be, know to everybody. But here are some benefits of exams i expericed during exam periods.

First , the mind start working at a great speed eg. people can pass exams with the preparation on only 15 days.

Second, the subjects which are not understandable to u, are become so clear to that u start feeling that I'll teach the subject from Next Year.

Many people may found another benefits of exams too, Can we share it sothat people start loving exams.. Do U think, Days like That'll come?

Believe in urself to get good Results

Hi frens,

Some time before i was always think Paper Presentaion in some National Level Paper Presenation contests is very big think. It need a lot of hard work & as well as intelligence.
I thought at that time whether i would be able to present my own paper in such contests or not.

Few Days Back, there was such competetion in our college. My Head of Department inspired me to present a paper. He told me that i can present a perper very well. I thought & accepted his offer.

I asked him about guidelines of it. I choose a topic for it & started prepring for it. Also I presented in a satisfactory way.

Now I m taking part in another such compitetion, & my paper is also got selected for it. Now i feel quite good. I think it's a result of believing in myself. Nothing is impossible, if u think like this & work for it.

So start beleving in urself, respect urself & love urself.........