Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mediataion- Knowing Urself in a Better way

Life is like fun, if u able to enjoy it. Itsn't It? We are just leaving our lives in a very careless way.Most of us are not aware of the very tiny things that are much enjoyable & gives healing affects.
Meditation makes u more siencere not serious. Some people think that meditation is a state when u feel nothing(like sleep). But Meditation is to know urself in a batter way. Last week, i met with a person who have different kinds of mediations for different kind of problems.

Two of them i know now.

Such Experimentation are nice & give fruitful results. But one thing is really important, before starting it, u feel that it is going to work for u. Only then u can get much benefit of it.

Meditate to Know the Nature & Urself.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Hi Frens ,
There are things which can't be forget through out ur life like frens, fun & similar many more. Friends-Few Relations In Earth Never Dies. They are like mirror where u can watch ur urself with ur cons.
I believe personally, that everybody should have a few frens, Frens are nither Bad nor Good, They are just Frens.
So, Can we become frens, for this I can remain ur fren for life....
Enjoy Life, Have fun & Don't Forget Ur Aim......

Ashish Mishra

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Holi- How Was It?

Hi frens,

Yesterday, We celebrated the Holi, It's is known as festival of colors, Colors of joy, happiness, prosparity, victory , etc.

The craze of this festival is decreasing year after year, can somebody tell me about the reason behind it?

What i had found, that people are no more interested in such festivals. It because of the environment & way of celebrating are not worthy. People user dark colors which are bad in quality & chemicals. Some people use synthetic paints, mud etc.
Such things are really disgusting.
Such things are hurting the feeling of people, & should be avoided.

Then people'll will able to celebrate Holi with joy & delight.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Have U Seen My Web-site

Hi friends,

I had just uploaded my web pages at www.geocities.com/ashish4u4ever2003.
It's was fun, i found it very easy. Now i m feeling quite relaxed. I had broken my promise to my senior, that i will upload my web-page is 15 days, I m really sorry for it, Kuldeep Sir.

But i am still thinking that he can forget me for this, since i had done in after 2 days, of given deadline.

I had created six pages, but they are not complete still, two pages are still not fully complete.
I had tried hard for it, please watch it, and send me the response on my mail

ur fren
Ashish Mishra

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hi frens Good Morning-Ashish Mishra

R u got suprised, Ya I know that it's around 3pm of the day & i m saying 'Good Morning' . Since We r meeting First time.

Let Share something special abt the experineces of the life, Yesterday When I was reading the Ignited Minds-by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, I found something special. I found that book can give inspiration to all young like me. It states that we can serve the country along with our normal life journey. Desire of Money, status, & fame are not wrong, instead they boost our confidence to do something good.

I can say one thing- It's better to be perished by working hard, Instead of Rusting.........

So the moral of the whole thing is that, We can do something better, instead of wasting time & waiting for things to come near us.

Good Day frens,
Hope Meet 2morrow

Hi frens Good Morning-Ashish Mishra

R u got suprised, Ya I know that it's around 3pm of the day & i m saying 'Good Morning'