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Removing null or specific values from list in Java

Have you tried to remove null values from a List (may a ArrayList). Yesterday I was trying it out, when I had to remove null values from a List before processing it. Initially, I was trying with the simple for loop and out I was getting Still NullPointerException while processing. I tried with couple of ways, before I came to a efficient one. Lets see this with an example:Lets see what are the flaws, when u try to remove null values from a List with a for loop:List li = new ArrayList();FileListItem fLI = new FileListItem();fLI.setFormFileName("123");FileListItem fLI2 = new FileListItem();FileListItem fLI3 = new FileListItem();FileListItem fLI4 = new FileListItem();fLI4.setFormFileName("456");li.add(fLI);li.add(fLI2);li.add(fLI3);li.add(fLI4);System.out.println("====this.fileList() =====" + li);for(int i = 0;i <>System.out.println("li Size ====" + li.size() + "& Value of i ===== "+i);FileListItem fileListItem = (FileListItem)…