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Exams Season of Tension, Isn't It?

Exams are going on, Tension is also there. But Exams should be there to test us, otherwise we''l become Lazy.....

Isn't IT?

Hey Proud to be an Indian.

Hi day before yesterday, it was 59th Independance Day. We seen the as usual 15th august parade & just enjoyed another holiday. But we r forgetting the meaning of the day. On this day, i remembered what our President said in 'Ignited Minds'. His mission of transforming India into a developed country. Youth like us need to think abt it seriously. We can do this simply by performing our duties like not paying bribes, oppose the curruption, just switching the electric equipments, by keeping our environment clean, etc. By making people aware abt their fundamental duties & rights.

Everyone need to do his share of work in transforming India into a developed. Lets make a commitment to ourself that we'll do these small things & help our country.

In this way only, we'll find true meaning of these days like 15th August, 26 Janauary, etc.

Ok bye for now, i m coming back soon...

Exams are Boaring, Are U agree...................

Hey frens,

Exams are drawing near, sleepless nights, restless days & many more symptoms can be seen of examfobia. When we talk abt exams people start reacting in abnormal ways. Why people fear from the exams. The reasons may be, know to everybody. But here are some benefits of exams i expericed during exam periods.

First , the mind start working at a great speed eg. people can pass exams with the preparation on only 15 days.

Second, the subjects which are not understandable to u, are become so clear to that u start feeling that I'll teach the subject from Next Year.

Many people may found another benefits of exams too, Can we share it sothat people start loving exams.. Do U think, Days like That'll come?

Believe in urself to get good Results

Hi frens,

Some time before i was always think Paper Presentaion in some National Level Paper Presenation contests is very big think. It need a lot of hard work & as well as intelligence.
I thought at that time whether i would be able to present my own paper in such contests or not.

Few Days Back, there was such competetion in our college. My Head of Department inspired me to present a paper. He told me that i can present a perper very well. I thought & accepted his offer.

I asked him about guidelines of it. I choose a topic for it & started prepring for it. Also I presented in a satisfactory way.

Now I m taking part in another such compitetion, & my paper is also got selected for it. Now i feel quite good. I think it's a result of believing in myself. Nothing is impossible, if u think like this & work for it.

So start beleving in urself, respect urself & love urself.........

Mediataion- Knowing Urself in a Better way

Life is like fun, if u able to enjoy it. Itsn't It? We are just leaving our lives in a very careless way.Most of us are not aware of the very tiny things that are much enjoyable & gives healing affects.
Meditation makes u more siencere not serious. Some people think that meditation is a state when u feel nothing(like sleep). But Meditation is to know urself in a batter way. Last week, i met with a person who have different kinds of mediations for different kind of problems.

Two of them i know now.

Such Experimentation are nice & give fruitful results. But one thing is really important, before starting it, u feel that it is going to work for u. Only then u can get much benefit of it.

Meditate to Know the Nature & Urself.

Hi Frens ,
There are things which can't be forget through out ur life like frens, fun & similar many more. Friends-Few Relations In Earth Never Dies. They are like mirror where u can watch ur urself with ur cons.
I believe personally, that everybody should have a few frens, Frens are nither Bad nor Good, They are just Frens.
So, Can we become frens, for this I can remain ur fren for life....
Enjoy Life, Have fun & Don't Forget Ur Aim......

Ashish Mishra

Holi- How Was It?

Hi frens,

Yesterday, We celebrated the Holi, It's is known as festival of colors, Colors of joy, happiness, prosparity, victory , etc.

The craze of this festival is decreasing year after year, can somebody tell me about the reason behind it?

What i had found, that people are no more interested in such festivals. It because of the environment & way of celebrating are not worthy. People user dark colors which are bad in quality & chemicals. Some people use synthetic paints, mud etc.
Such things are really disgusting.
Such things are hurting the feeling of people, & should be avoided.

Then people'll will able to celebrate Holi with joy & delight.

Have U Seen My Web-site

Hi friends,

I had just uploaded my web pages at
It's was fun, i found it very easy. Now i m feeling quite relaxed. I had broken my promise to my senior, that i will upload my web-page is 15 days, I m really sorry for it, Kuldeep Sir.

But i am still thinking that he can forget me for this, since i had done in after 2 days, of given deadline.

I had created six pages, but they are not complete still, two pages are still not fully complete.
I had tried hard for it, please watch it, and send me the response on my mail

ur fren
Ashish Mishra

Hi frens Good Morning-Ashish Mishra

R u got suprised, Ya I know that it's around 3pm of the day & i m saying 'Good Morning' . Since We r meeting First time.

Let Share something special abt the experineces of the life, Yesterday When I was reading the Ignited Minds-by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, I found something special. I found that book can give inspiration to all young like me. It states that we can serve the country along with our normal life journey. Desire of Money, status, & fame are not wrong, instead they boost our confidence to do something good.

I can say one thing- It's better to be perished by working hard, Instead of Rusting.........

So the moral of the whole thing is that, We can do something better, instead of wasting time & waiting for things to come near us.

Good Day frens,
Hope Meet 2morrow

Hi frens Good Morning-Ashish Mishra

R u got suprised, Ya I know that it's around 3pm of the day & i m saying 'Good Morning'
Hi frens,
Meeting second time on same day, hey here is something i wanna share with u, I started my project on Online Learning System. It is going to based on Servlet & JSP. I wanna to have some views on it, from U. How i can make it reliable & efficient. Please give some views on it. What should i need to add in it. Please send ur valueable suggestions on my mail id:

ur fren
Ashish Mishra

Hi frens-My first Blog is here

Hi frnes,

I had created my blog here. Since this is my first article , i m not clear what to write here. First I thanks to one of my Senior Mr. Kuldeep Chitrakar. From him I got information abt blog.

Now i had crated it, now i post some regular articles on it.

ur fren