Bridging Java and Adobe Air - Merapi

How Exiciting it will be if you can call Java directly from an AIR Application? I got excited when i read first time. And I feel you will also be. So why to wait, here is the solution for it........ Merapi
Merapi: A Bridge between Adobe AIR and Java
Merapi is a bridge between applications written in Java and those running in and created for Adobe AIR™ (Adobe Integrated Runtime™).

Merapi has been designed to run on a user's machine, along with an Adobe AIR™application and providea direct bridge between the Adobe AIR™ framework and Java, exposing the power and overall calabilities of the user's operating system, including 3rd party hardware devices.

With a light weight and straightforward API, developers can leverage the OS by writing Java companion applications for their AIR™ applications. Java programs treat Merapi as a bridge to the running Adobe AIR™ application and vice-versa. How to achieve this is given below:

Sending a message from ActionScript:

var message : Message = new Message(); = "Hello from Merapi Flex.";
message.type = "Reply";
Bridge.instance.sendMessage( message );

Sending a message from Java:

Bridge bridge = Bridge.getInstance();
Message message = new Message();
message.setData("Hello from Merapi Java.");

Receiving a message in Flex:


id="bridge" result="handleResult(event)" />

in Script:

private function handleResult( event : ResultEvent ) : void{

var message : IMessage = event.result as IMessage;


Receiving a message in Java:

Bridge.getInstance().registerMessageHandler("Reply", messageHandlerInstance );

public void handleMessage( IMessage message ){

System.out.println( message.getData() );



Hello Ashish,

Sorry to bother you but I have read a recent post from you in Google Groups:

From: Ashish Mishra
Date: Feb 24, 6:43 am
Subject: How to Install Google App Plugin for Eclipse Galileo

Did you finally resolved the issue with the eclipse install/update exception? I'm trying to install the eclipse visual editor and I keep getting exactly the same error!
It is so frustrating.
Thanks mate

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