Sun To acquire MySQL

Sun Microsystems is going to jump in the database market with the purchase of most successful open source database developer MySQL for $1 billion. This is the main center of attraction on both the websites:


With the move, announced Wednesday, Sun takes a big leap into the $15 billion database market and pits it against the likes of Microsoft, IBM and Oracle. MySQL have clients Facebook, Google, Nokia and Baidu as customers.

What makes MySQL interesting to Sun. About 20 percent of MySQL deployments run on Solaris, according to Sun estimates outlined on a conference call. Seventy five percent of MySQL deployments are not on Sun hardware. That gives Sun an opportunity to bundle hardware software and services.

While Sun can also distribute MySQL through its channel and OEM partnerships and create various bundles. The overarching goal is to give MySQL more “commercial appeal” and boost adoption of open source software in the enterprise.

One big question is what Sun does next to build out its stack of open source software and other applications covering middleware, storage and virtualization. Sun’s software lineup now includes Java, MySQL, OpenSolaris and GlassFish.

Sun plans to integrate MySQL into its software, sales and service groups and MySQL CEO Marten Mickos will stay after the acquisition.

Now many questions are evolving out in the IT market. Like

Is it a deal against the Microsoft to fight with Sql Server ?
How will MySQL community handle being part of Sun ?
Is it a beneficial to MySql future or it may loose its shine among Open Source world?

In near future we may expect a better J2EE Stack bundled with a better database in it. But definitely MySQL CEO,
Marten Mickos, will be in cloud Nine at this time with this deal.


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