Mediataion- Knowing Urself in a Better way

Life is like fun, if u able to enjoy it. Itsn't It? We are just leaving our lives in a very careless way.Most of us are not aware of the very tiny things that are much enjoyable & gives healing affects.
Meditation makes u more siencere not serious. Some people think that meditation is a state when u feel nothing(like sleep). But Meditation is to know urself in a batter way. Last week, i met with a person who have different kinds of mediations for different kind of problems.

Two of them i know now.

Such Experimentation are nice & give fruitful results. But one thing is really important, before starting it, u feel that it is going to work for u. Only then u can get much benefit of it.

Meditate to Know the Nature & Urself.


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