Hi frens Good Morning-Ashish Mishra

R u got suprised, Ya I know that it's around 3pm of the day & i m saying 'Good Morning' . Since We r meeting First time.

Let Share something special abt the experineces of the life, Yesterday When I was reading the Ignited Minds-by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, I found something special. I found that book can give inspiration to all young like me. It states that we can serve the country along with our normal life journey. Desire of Money, status, & fame are not wrong, instead they boost our confidence to do something good.

I can say one thing- It's better to be perished by working hard, Instead of Rusting.........

So the moral of the whole thing is that, We can do something better, instead of wasting time & waiting for things to come near us.

Good Day frens,
Hope Meet 2morrow


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